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Help Us
Thankyou to all our donors

Ways to Support Skill

Skill is a charity and depends heavily on the generosity of grant-making trusts, companies and individual donors.

Disabled people still need to overcome financial, physical and attitudinal barriers to education, work experience, volunteering and transition to employment. Skill has few resources of its own to maintain its information and advice services to all disabled learners and potential disabled students across the UK, and to continue our good practice promotions, research and policy work.

All our services are provided free, but it costs an average of £20 to respond to each enquirer, £2000 a year to update each of our many information booklets, and £25,000 to produce a new aspirational careers publication. Every little helps.

Funds and fundraising

You can also support Skill through a variety of activities from membership to marathons, donating to skydiving, share-giving to will-making. We value our donors and supporters and take the opportunity through these pages to thank them on behalf of the thousands of disabled learners who benefit from Skill's services. Please click on a subject for more information.

Become a member of Skill
Donate online - and Gift Aid
Payroll / Give-As-You-Earn
Share Giving
Skydiving and whitewater rafting
Fun Run September 2006
London Marathon
Tell the world about Skill
Remember Skill in you Will

Thank you to all our donors (this link goes to the donor's page)

Become a member of Skill

Skill's members form a web of people interested in issues affecting disabled learners, trainees and jobseekers. Skill relies on its members - many of whom are disabled - for guidance, advice and governance. For more information about becoming a member of Skill, please refer to our membership page in the
About Us section. If you are already a member you can help by encouraging your colleagues and friends to become members of Skill and to fundraise for Skill.

Make a donation
You can donate securely on-line via donate, or make cheques out to ‘Skill’ and send them to Skill, Chapter House, 18-20 Crucifix Lane, London, SE1 3JW. Or, you can send it with our donor form donation form. If you are a UK tax payer, please be sure to tick the gift aid box that enables Skill to claim back the tax you have already paid on your donation.

Gift Aid
This scheme allows charities to claim back the tax you have already paid on your donation, however small. This is a real opportunity to increase Skill's income and effectiveness by 28% at no cost to you, the donor. The government allows charities like Skill to reclaim the basic rate tax on donations from individuals who pay income tax. All that is required is some very straightforward information. The Inland Revenue doesn't even ask for a signature. Please tick the box if you want to 'gift aid' your donation.

Gift Aid

Tax repayment
You can now donate all or part of your tax repayment to a charity of your choice using your Self Assessment return to the Inland Revenue. In section 19A of your Tax Return form you can specify the amount you want to give. If you would like Skill to benefit you will need to quote Skill's code number YAG 75RG. For further information go to Please always tick the gift aid box so we can benefit from the extra 28p per £ donated, without costing you anything further.

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Make your giving go further with - Payroll / Give-As-You-Earn
The Chancellor bears gifts to charities and small businesses through the launch of a new UK-wide payroll giving initiative.

Employees will see their donations matched up to £10 per month for the first 6 months for each new payroll giving donation until March 2007, and small companies with less than 500 employees will be paid up to £500 to set up the scheme until December 2006.

Skill is already registered for payroll giving and would welcome your support. Please consider committing yourself to a small monthly donation for Skill - it's the most tax effective way of supporting Skill; you get tax concessions and Skill can claim back the tax you have paid.

Simply contact your payroll department; complete one simple form and it's all arranged. And while you are talking to Payroll, make sure they have Skill on any list of charities they promote in their own GAYE scheme.For example, you commit to donating £5 per month to Skill before tax. This actually costs you £3.90, or £3.00 if you are a higher rate taxpayer.

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Make your giving go further with - Share Giving - A new way of giving
Are your windfall shares gathering dust in a drawer? Do you own small numbers of shares in one or two companies that generate more paperwork than they are worth? Would it cost you more than their value to sell via a stockbroker? Or maybe you have a sophisticated share portfolio. Either way, giving shares to charity means your shares can actively work for a good cause like Skill, while you enjoy the generous personal tax breaks available. For example, you can claim from 22% to 40% income tax relief depending on whether you are a basic rate or higher rate tax payer, and no capital gains tax would be payable on any increase in the value of shares since you bought them. Giving shares is very easy, whether you have the share certificates or you own a nominee account. The Charities Aid Foundation (see or Sharegift (a charity offering a free service to small charities, see can arrange your gift to Skill. All you need to know is available from these organisations. Alternatively, you can phone Skill’s Fundraiser
on 020 7450 0626.

click here to donate to Skill via - go to

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Skydiving and whitewater rafting - for the adventurous among you
Know of anyone nursing a secret ambition to skydive? Or a day out whitewater rafting with a team of friends? Just put them in touch with Skill for the exhilarating experience of a lifetime, and benefit Skill with the sponsorship you collect that can enable you to jump or raft for free.

You will need to raise a minimum of £385 to do the tandem skydive which you do with an instructor, or as little as £290 depending on the type of dive you undertake. For rafting you will need to organise a team of 6 to 8 people, so sponsorship can be as little as £125 each. Of course you can always raise more for Skill!

One of our student skydivers was so thrilled by her experience that she can't wait to do it again. Her generous father has agreed to pay for her next jump if she achieves a good exam result! In the meantime she achieved a fantastic £1600 on sponsorship for Skill - a champion for Skill!

skydiving photo

whitewater rafting photo

Skydiving and whitewater rafting is all arranged for Skill by event experts Skyline. Just contact or tel. 020 7450 0626 for an information pack.

Fun run September 2006

Just for the ladies - Skill has entry forms for a choice of three fun runs on 3rd September 2006 in Hyde Park London, Birmingham City Centre and Sefton Park Liverpool. The Hydro Active Women’s Challenge covers 5 km (3 miles) and is so popular that entries often close before the deadline of 4th August. Remember, £5 of every £15 entry fee comes to Skill, but of course we’d love you to raise much more for Skill! Contact for entry forms.

Overseas Challenges

Whether it be cycling, trekking, kayaking or rafting, there’ll be a challenge for you, to fulfil your personal ambitions and at the same time raise much needed funds for Skill

Skill can offer a variety of overseas challenges, organised for us by experienced events companies.

So go on, challenge yourself for those who are challenged everyday. Contact or tel. 020 7450 0626 for an information pack.

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London Marathon

We are looking forward to building our 2007 London Marathon Team. Contact for details of our guaranteed places.

“It was such a great atmosphere and a great sense of achievement” Suzanne C.

Running for Skill is a real incentive to make the distance.

“I was so absolutely overwhelmed by my achievement on Sunday. I suffer quite badly from asthma, and have always found it particularly hard to run, so managing to run nearly 17 miles of the marathon, then shuffling the rest of the way to complete it was a fantastic achievement for me. One of my uppermost thoughts when the going was tough was to think about all the money for Skill and not to let the recipients down. I was definitely going to make it!” Emma S.

Well done Suzanne, Emma and all our team!

marathon collage
See the Marathon 2002 photos here.

Support Ian’s marathon bid for Skill

Ian Miller. OBE, Skill trustee and Chair of Skill Scotland, requests your support for his 42.5 km ‘Quadalathon’ in aid of Skill starting 19th June for one week. Ian will be cycling 25 km, running 10km, rowing 5km and swimming 2.5km, all under the watchful eye of staff at his local health club, in aid of Skill. You can sponsor Ian on-line at Click on Sponsor, and then under Surname enter Miller. Go to Event and click on Quadalathon. Alternatively you can send cheques made out to Skill and messages of encouragement to our Chapter House address. We look forward to greeting a very fit Ian to our next Trustee Board.

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What does you college or workplace do with their spent toner cartridges and old mobile phones? Cartridges and mobiles contain dangerous chemical and need to be disposed of carefully. They can also raise money for Skill. Skill has teamed up with leading recycling company Eurosource in a scheme that will help boost our funds. Eurosource will take away your spent cartridges and old mobiles for nothing, recycle those that are suitable and make a small donation to Skill, and safely dispose of others. So please, encourage your college or company to do their bit for Skill and the environment. Contact or go straight to the recycling appeal website to join the scheme with Skill.

Click here to join the Recycling Appeal scheme with Skill - go to

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Tell the world about Skill …
… and its work of national significance in promoting changes to the Disability Discrimination Act and much more. Promote Skill in your organisation's in-house magazines or in any other relevant journals. How can we help those who need our help, as well as attract the attention of potential funders, if they have never heard of Skill? Carol Hicks can advise on text. Phone her on 020 7450 0626.

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Remember Skill in you Will
Lifelong learning is here to stay. There will always be students with disabilities needing Skill's advice and support. Please consider making a donation to Skill in your Will. It will cost you nothing now, but you will know that when you no longer have need of your worldly goods, others will continue to benefit.

It took just one legacy to give Skill sufficient security to expand its information team and develop new services. Skill now helps hundreds of thousands of disabled adult learners every year. Another legacy ensured an office could be opened in Scotland.

Make sure you quote Skill's charity number 801971, then wherever we are, your gift will always reach us.

Skill has joined with over 140 other charities to promote will-making and charitable bequests as part of a national Remember a Charity Campaign. The public give lots of support to charities during their lifetime, but only 13% leave a bequest to charities in their wills, even with tax-free incentives. It is probably true to say that an under-resourced charity like Skill would not be here today, making substantial contributions at national level to improving prospects for the educational opportunities for disabled people, and responding to thousands of individual disabled enquirers, without legacy windfalls. So next time you make or alter your will, please remember Skill. Thousands could benefit.

If you would like one of Skill's legacy leaflets, please contact with your name and address, or
Read more about our Legacy campaign...

Remember a Charity has produced a free guide to making a will, telling you the steps you need to take and how to leave a gift to your favourite causes. Go to How do I leave money in my will? on their website.

Remember a Charity logo
- go to

The Will Site logo
- go to

[Updated 26th March 2005]

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