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Corus is a customer-focused, innovative solutions-driven company. Corus manufactures, processes and distributes steel and aluminium products as well as providing design, technology and consultancy services. All of our graduate positions require different qualities, but all of them need high-calibre applicants with drive, tenacity and leadership potential. Are you one of them?


We operate in over 75 countries worldwide thorough production facilities, joint ventures, steel service ventures and sales offices. We specialise in both steel and aluminium and have a clear strategic direction, providing innovative metal solutions for our customers, in market segments where we can achieve leading positions.


The graduates who join us will be part of a truly global company, with over 53,000 employees we have a culture which transcends national boundaries and a presence which makes us a key player in our market. Corus is renowned for being the best trainers and developers within the industry, something we are very proud of. The diversity of functions within Corus and the international scope of our operations provide a unique environment in which graduates can pursue a demanding hands-on role. Some opportunities are specific to graduates with an engineering, metallurgy or science background whilst others in commercial, finance, supplies management, logistics and human resources are open to graduates from a variety of backgrounds. Significant opportunities exist for cross-functional and international career development.

Career Development

We develop an individual training plan and provide a mentor for every graduate who joins us. Your training plan will encompass residential courses and site-based training, and would include specialised technical, professional and management training. In the UK our management development activities may lead to an MBA from Warwick University or an engineering Doctorate from the University of Wales. We give high priority to attainment of relevant professional qualifications and provide support where appropriate. Overseas secondments are increasingly becoming an important part of management development. There are no fixed progression routes. You drive your own career, we provide the support you need to achieve your goals. Corus actively promotes equal opportunities in the workplace.

Occupation Areas

Variety of engineering, technical and commercial positions. Finance, R&D and Human Resources.

Work Locations

UK - nationwide, the Netherlands - Ijmuiden, Germany - Düsseldorf, Koblenz.

Degree Disciplines Required

Engineering, metallurgy, materials science, other physical sciences for technical functions and any subject for non-technical opportunities.

Number of Graduate Vacancies

Approximately 250 vacancies each year across Europe.

Application proceedure

Visit our website to find out more and apply online.

Placements/Internships available

100 - UK.

Contact Details

Tel: 01926 488025

If you would like to find out more about us and wish to apply please visit us at

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