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Skill National Bureau for Students with Disabilities
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General Disability Organisations
(A to Z) 

Changing Faces

Changing Faces is a UK charity that supports and represents people who have disfigurements of the face or body from any cause.Providing personal support for children, young people, adults and families Working with schools, employers, health and social care professionals to ensure a culture of inclusion for people with disfigurements Campaigning for social change by working with the media, government and opinion leaders.
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Connects is a worldwide, interactive, personalised forum for the sharing of information by people whose lives are touched by mental health problems and/or learning disabilities.


Offers an exchange of ideas on issues concerning disability. This is an email discussion list. To join, visit

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

The EHRC brings together the work of the three previous equality commissions, including the former Disabilioty Rights Commission (DRC), and is also responsible for the other aspects of equality: age, sexual orientation and religion or belief, as well as human rights.

Leonard Cheshire

Leonard Cheshire is the UK's largest provider of care services to disabled people, helping more than 15,000 disabled people each year. One of its programmes is Workability, which in conjunction with Microsoft and other organisations, provides vocational training through an on-line virtual college.


The new name for John Grooms and the Shaftesbury Society, who merged in April 2008. Livability creates opportunities for disabled people and bring life to communities, through a range of services including care and housing.

RADAR (Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation)

Particularly involved with access, education, employment, holidays, housing, mobility and social services.

Special abilities

Provides information advice and support around disability issues to parents/carers of a disabled child and adults with a disability.
[Updated September 2010]

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