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New home at Disability Alliance

Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities closed on April 4th 2011. Following a period of financial difficulty, Skill's Board of Trustees decided it was no longer viable to keep the charity open.

The Chair of Skills' Board of Trustees, Peter Little OBE said "This was a sad day for all of us. We had appointed an outstanding new Chief Executive and agreed a clear strategy to reduce our costs and turn around our finances, but in the end time was against us".

Although Skill will not be returning in its previous form, Disability Alliance has been supported the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to fill part of the gap. The following services will be available from July 11th.

Some parts of the Skill website will continue to be hosted as a free information archive to disabled people, parents and key advisers.

There will also be a new membership package and ex-Skill members are warmly invited to join.