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Who can help me make choices about what to do after school?

Your school

When you are thinking about making choices it’s a good idea to talk to your family and friends about the choices you have. It can also be useful to talk to teachers and tutors, the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and careers coordinator at your school about ideas for your future.


Connexions is a service for all young people 13-19, living in England. Connexions helps you by giving you advice on getting to where you want to be in life. It also provides support up to the age of 25 for young people who have learning difficulties or disabilities (or both).

Connexions Advisers work with young people in Local Connexions Services.

They can give you information, advice and practical help with all sorts of things that might be affecting you at school, college, work or in your personal or family life. They can also refer you to specialist support if it is needed.

You can also log on to Connexions Direct which is part of the Connexions Service. It offers you information on a wide range of topics as well as confidential advice and practical help. Connexions Direct Advisers are here to listen and won't judge you and are available to talk to from 8am to 2am, 7 days a week. All calls to Connexions Direct are free from a landline and an adviser will ring you back on your mobile.

Thinking about options in year 9 and 11

If you are about to leave school, you are probably thinking about what to do next. You might want to go to college, start an apprenticeship or go into work.

The options you choose for Years 10 and 11 will affect how you spend your time at school for the next two years. The choices you make may also influence what course or job you could do after Year 11.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) has produced two publications that can help you think about your choices after Year 9 and after Year 11. They are called 'Which Way Now?' and 'It's Your Choice'.

'Which Way Now?' is designed to help you with your choices during Year 9. It has lots of interesting stories of how other young people have made their decisions about what to do after Year 9. These stories might help you with help or inspire you!

Thinking about choices after the age of 16 can be confusing as there are many options for you to choose from. To help you find your way, 'It's Your Choice' has been written especially for young people who are nearing the end of Year 11, and who will be deciding how best to gain the career and the life that you want.