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What types of training are there?

Training can be something that your employer gives you so that you can do your job better. For example if you are working in a call centre they might give you some training on how to speak to customers on the phone. It could also be training to help you develop. For example training on how to become a manager. You may also need training if you are using new equipment such as new computer software.
What’s it like?
Training can be done in lots of different ways. It might be an hour a week in the place where you work,you may shadow someone else or complete a training pack, or a one day workshop in a different place. You may also be able to do a short course at a local College or training provider. A training provider is similar to a College but usually offers courses about work.

Training qualifications

Training can often lead to qualifications. Qualifications are great for helping you develop and will help you to get a better job, promotion or even a chance to go to University. Qualifications include:
• An Apprenticeship
• A National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)
• A foundation degree

Right to request training

Under the law (from April 6th 2010) you can ask your employer for training to help you develop. You can ask for any type of training but it must help you to be better at your job.