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How do I get on an Apprenticeship

Who can do an Apprenticeship?

Anyone living in England, over 16 can apply for an Apprenticeship. Some Apprenticeships may need particular skills and qualifications but others don’t. If you are 16-18 and can prove that you have the skills to do an Apprenticeship the Government has to give you one!

Pre-Apprenticeship training

Pre-Apprenticeship training prepares you for a full Apprenticeship and is a good idea if you need to build up your skills or experience. Colleges and some training providers will have these.


Where can I do one?

Skill has now launched an Into Apprenticeships project with Remploy which is supporting disabled people into apprenticeships To find out more go to our Into Apprenticeships page

Employers all over England will take on Apprentices and many colleges and training providers. Go to your local College website to see what Apprenticeships they offer. If you already have a job you may also be able to do one. Talk to your employer about this.

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What are the different levels of Apprenticeships?

There are Apprenticeships at different levels. They all include on- the- job training.

Apprenticeship: This is similar to five good GCSE passes and mixes, an NVQ with Key Skills in English, Maths and ICT. To get on some Apprenticeships you may need to have passed some of your GCSE’s. For others you may need to show you have the skills through work experience, volunteering or other things.

Advanced Apprenticeship: This is similar to two A-level passes and includes an NVQ level 3, Key Skills and usually a BTEC. Normally you need five GCSE’s to do this or have completed an Apprenticeship.

Higher Apprenticeships: Here you work towards an NVQ Level 4 and often a knowledge-based qualification such as a Foundation degree.

How do I find the right Apprenticeship?

The best thing to do is think about the type of career that you want and then see if there is an Apprenticeship to fit. You can find a list on the National Apprenticeships Service website. They also have a Vacancy Matching Service where you can search for places. Your local College will probably also have Apprenticeships so it is worth contacting them.

Many big organisations such as British Gas, BMW, BT and Orange have their own Apprenticeships academies so you may want to look at their websites. Small local organisations might also have Apprenticeship places.