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School & Sixth form

What next?

If you are about to leave school, you are probably thinking about what to do next. There are a lot of options out there, and deciding what to do after school takes time. 


Why go to School Sixth form or Sixth Form College?

After Year 11, you might be thinking about what you would like to do next. The most important thing to think about is what you want to do, and what help you might need to do it. 

Going to a School Sixth Form or a Sixth Form College can be an interesting and exciting opportunity to gain new skills and meet new friends.


What can I do there?

 At your School Sixth Form or Sixth Form College you can learn many new things. Qualifications of any sort are your passport to more opportunities in learning and work. Things you can study at School Sixth Form or Sixth Form College are:

  •  GCSE's
  • Academic qualifications such as A-Levels or AS-Levels
  • A Diploma which mixes class room learning, life skills and practical work experience
  • Foundation Learning which mixes personal development, practical skills and helps you progress to another course or supported employment or independent living
  • General courses which prepare you for adult life such as ‘Life Skills.’ These can be useful to help people live more independently.